Josh Sutphin

I've written music since about 2004. I started with Modplug Tracker (now OpenMPT) but these days I mainly use Reason with an Arturia KeyLab 88 MkII.

I've written soundtracks for my own video games, most notably Legacy of the Elder Star. I've also done a handful of commissioned pieces, and I'm currently sitting on a pile of unreleased EDM that I might do something with someday.

Legacy of the Elder Star soundtrack

The soundtrack from my indie game Legacy of the Elder Star is driving melodic electro-rock, evoking and modernizing the chiptune style of old-school arcade shoot 'em ups. I put a lot of emphasis here on developing, reprising, and interweaving musical themes. I'm really proud of this one!

"I have to start with praise for the music of Elder Star. Props to the composer for writing something that's at once epic, spacey and robotic that evokes the classic 8/16-bit legends."
— Steam review by PapaBrain

  1. Legacy of the Elder Star
  2. The Perimeter
  3. The Infinite Legion
  4. The Garden
  5. The Fragments
  6. The Spires
  7. The Fleet
  8. Finale
  9. The Elder Star

Bloxx soundtrack

The soundtrack from my arcade puzzle game Bloxx was designed to start out relaxing and build in intensity through the game's ten levels, mirroring the increase in game speed and difficulty.

  1. Title
  2. Home
  3. Starfield
  4. Full Moon
  5. Lonely Wormhole
  6. Gaseous Cloud
  7. Dead Planet
  8. Nebula
  9. Supernova
  10. Anomaly

Other game soundtracks

I've made other pieces for hobby games, game jams, prototypes, etc. Here are some of them:

Created 7/18/2023 • Updated 6/29/2024