Destiny (2020-current)

Bungie’s definitive action MMO, a shared-world first-person shooter in which you join with friends to defend the Last City and push back the Darkness.

LEGO Brawls (2019)

An action-packed competitive multiplayer platformer/brawler for iOS, Apple TV, and OSX, and a marquee launch title for Apple Arcade.

The Raft (2018)

A four-player co-op same-space VR adventure commissioned by Starbreeze Studios for Emarr Entertainment’s PVRK in Dubai.

Fractive (2018)

A Markdown- and Javascript-based hypertext fiction creation tool.

Legacy of the Elder Star (2016)

An innovative and vibrant arcade shooter with a unique 1:1 mouse-driven control scheme, released under my indie label Kickbomb Entertainment.

PlunderNauts (2014)

A whimsical space-pirate combat game and LightBox Interactive’s first foray into the F2P market.

Starhawk (2012)

LightBox Interactive’s award-winning third-person shooter and spiritual successor to Warhawk, featuring the innovative “Build & Battle” system.

Fail-Deadly (2010)

My Ludum Dare-winning micro-RTS where you play as both sides at once. Rock, Paper, Shotgun called it “brilliantly compelling”.

Warhawk (2007)

Incognito Entertainment’s award-winning multiplayer shooter featuring high-intensity air- and ground-based action played over massive maps.

Gem Feeder (2004)

A new game mode for Unreal Tournament 2004 that works like multi-flag CTF crossed with Bombing Run. Finalist in the 2004 Make Something Unreal Contest.

Unreal Tournament Maps (2004)

A handful of custom maps I created for Unreal Tournament 2003 and Unreal Tournament 2004.