Josh Sutphin // Senior Game Developer

I'm a lifelong game designer and engineer (since 2004), a Unity expert, and a finisher who's shipped multiple award-winning titles on major consoles, smartphones, desktop, and VR.

I've worked with both tiny startups and big AAA studios, hired and led teams, and interacted positively and comfortably with the press. I place high value on a smart and thoughtful development process, treat production and QA staff as critical partners, and am always ready and willing to design new tools and processes to increase efficiency, improve stability, and increase quality of life.

My biggest strengths are my love of learning new things, my ability to research complex solutions, and my tenacity against difficult problems, and I'm equally comfortable in both leadership and individual contributor roles.

I'm always on the lookout for mature teams that value expertise, smart process, efficient communication, personal accountability, social awareness, and a healthy work-life balance. I aim to make games (and games-adjacent experiences) in a way that's sustainable for the developers, respectful toward our players, and progressive for our community.

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